40 Weeks and Counting

Well, here I am, officially overdue. I’m uncomfortable, but it’s mainly the constant ab pain from my diastasis recti that’s making the wait so much worse. At my 40 week appointment on Monday, I was put on a waitlist to be induced at 41 weeks, 1 day on Monday, February 12. My doctor assured me that I’d make the list because surely someone would have their baby before then. This morning, I heard from their office that I was being bumped off of the Monday list and moved to Tuesday morning, February 13.

Yeah, I’m a big old baby and I totally ugly cried once I was alone, haha. I just want the discomfort radiating from above my belly button to stop. Right now, there’s no relief no matter how I stand, sit or lay. It feels like that sensitivity you get when you have a fever and it hurts to touch/be touched, only it’s ongoing, like 90% of the day. But, it’s not a pain that’s nearly as bad as a lot of people with chronic pain conditions are in, so I need to get control of myself and suck it up. I keep going back to the constant, actual pain that my grandpa was in during the last few months of his life thanks to his cancer. That had to have been about a million times worse, and if he brave it, then I can handle a little stomach pain now.

So anyways, yes, that’s where we stand right now. I reeeaalllyyyy wanted to have a baby before my birthday on Thursday, but c’est la vie. I get signs and symptoms but they just don’t last long enough to get going into anything that will get a baby out, haha. I’m pretty sure she’s swept my membranes at least twice already and there’s been nothing. I’ve tried all of the old wives tales, but they don’t even cause mild contractions. I may get a reflexology massage as a birthday present to myself because I’ve heard that there are pressure points to help jumpstart labor along, but I’m also wary of setting myself up for disappointment if nothing happens! After all, my doctor never expected me to make it past 39 weeks, let alone past 40…

My next baby update will either be my “night before induction” post or a “surprise, look who finally showed up on his own” post. I’ll plan for the former but hope for the later!

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