My DIY Picture Frame Gift for Zachy

I wanted to do something sweet for Zach before the new baby is born so that he’ll always have something personal that I made to remind him how much I love him. We’ve had an extra copy of this picture laying around for ages and I found it while cleaning out the extra room that is going to be the nursery. Zachary would look at it every night at dinner (I left it on the counter for lack of anywhere better to put it). After I told him that it was the very first time that he and Mommy had ever looked at each other, he was fascinated by it. It was so adorable to see him smile as he eventually told me about the picture (“This is the first time I ever saw you, Mommy!”).  So, I knew that whatever I did for him, I wanted it to involve this picture. I decided to walk around Michaels one afternoon and see if I got inspired.

For years, I have always told him, “I love you every little bit.” I got it from the book that I used to read to him as an infant. Now, whenever I ask him, “Do you know how much I love you?” He responds, “Every little bit!” Sometimes, he does it sweetly, other times he does it while rolling his eyes, haha. Either way, he freaking knows the answer.  During my Michaels excursion, I found a wooden picture frame and came across a book of gold letters in the clearance section. Voila! Inspiration.

I mixed light blue paint with a touch of brown paint to make a slightly antique-y looking color and then put the lettering on. After it dried, I used matte Mod Podge to seal everything down. This is the final result, which he has in his room. We need to get something to prop it up better with, but this will do for now. I know my lettering is a bit off-center, but I still love the final product. Zachy was excited to get it and although he’s 3.5 and has no concept of sentimentality yet, haha, I am pretty sure that he loves having the picture of him and Mommy seeing each other for the very first time in his room, too. Go, me! #MomWin

P.S. Here’s a link to the book if you’re looking for a really cute, sweet baby gift for someone (or yourself). 🙂

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