The Broadcast Ep. 2.35 “I’m Not Eating That”

A new episode of The Broadcast will be out today, April 13. Are you current? I think that episode 2.35 is one of my Top 5 favorite episodes. That’s right. Top 5, baby.

On this episode, I tell the story of the mail truck that caught fire on the back/side/front of my house and crowdsource an upcoming decision. We also get a very powerful voicemail from Maggie, who was at the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. This voicemail is incredible and not only did I cry listening to it, several listeners have sent in feedback saying that they cried as well. The show does a hard pivot at the end with a very funny, but very adult/gross voicemail.

You can listen to the latest episode via BlogTalk Radiojayandjack.comiTunesStitcherGoogle Play/Android, etc. Happy Listening and thanks for listening.

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