The Broadcast Ep. 4.12 “Squish Squish Bish”

Man, it has been about 10 months since I made a real post on here. This morning, I uploaded some of the pictures and videos that I took at the Lizzo concert a few weeks ago. I promised on The Broadcast that I would make a blog post about the concert and am going to make that happen! Hopefully, I have some time later today to put together the post.

But in the meantime, speaking of The Broadcast, we’re still going strong. In February, we started doing monthly bonus shows for the Jay + Jack Patrons ( We play clips that had been edited out of the regular shows over the previous month and give commentary to them. I think they’re fun. We also let Patrons watch us record once a month, too.

We’re in season 4 now and have done 147 episodes, which is crazy. On this most recent episode, “Squish Squish Bish,” we hear about Amanda’s trip to the West Coast, Shandy’s war on nylons, and my adventures in hernia surgery. We also learn how long it takes to poop out a LEGO, get a little listener feedback in, and manage to keep the show to 72 minutes. It’s a good time. Check it out if you have an extra 72 minutes this week. 🙂

I had a weird tech glitch just as I was about to export this episode. My computer crashed. I had just saved the file, so I wasn’t panicking. I restarted and reopened GarageBand to find…that the audio file had suddenly changed into the exact same 18-second clip and was repeating over and over again. It was crazy. I was so mad and frustrated, though, that thought I was going to throw something across the room. I had to re-edit the entire episode and finally finished it around midnight. I fell asleep sitting up while it was uploading, haha, and finally posted it when I jolted myself awake at 1 a.m. Whew! I took a little video to try and explain what on Earth I was looking at. If anyone out there has ever had this happen in GarageBand, let me know. I know the audio file in the “media” folder for the episode changed but I have no idea how or what happened. Ah, technology.

Stay tuned for the Lizzo stuff in the next day or so!

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Happy Listening and thanks for listening.

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