Pumpkin Carving in the 919: 2011 Edition

On Friday night, Jay and I had our annual carve a pumpkin, dress Zoe up in costumes, and drink beer night.  We learned from our mistake of doing it too early last year, when our poor pumpkin didn’t make it until Halloween.  We had a really fun time. Well, Jay and I did. I’m not so sure Zoe had the time of her life, but she sure looked damn good in her costumes. I couldn’t decide what to get her, so I just bought four different costumes. Most likely, I’ll recycle some of them for next year haha.

Anyway, here’s the night in pictures.  First up, we had Zoe’s costume parade.

She began as an angel, the opposite of last year’s devil costume  Because the wings weren’t on her head, she actually didn’t mind this one at all.  She actually was jumping from chair to chair at one point while wearing the wings.  Jay & I were joking that she was trying to fly.

Next up, was her witch costume.  Jay suggested this one because she’s a black cat and because she takes after me.  Just kidding.  She was funny posing with this one.  I think the fake hair bothered her.

This one was my favorite.  Drink up, me hardies, yo-ho!

Finally, the costume that I actually intended to get her before I went into PetSmart.  Princess Zoe, because she’s a little princess.  Yup, I know.  I have issues and probably am in serious need of a social life.  Luckily, Jay brought home an incredibly tolerant kitty who’s a good sport and puts up with a lot.  I think it’s because she knows she’s loved [and she knows that I’m generally the one who feeds her].  Zoe knows when the phone or camera comes out, that if she just does and looks where instructed, it’ll all be over quickly, lol.  And they say cats can’t be trained…

Moving on from the cat pictures.  Next up, it was pumpkin carvin’ time.  Jay happily puts a knife we got as a wedding gift to good use.

Zoe watched from afar, just in case there was a hidden 5th costume somewhere…

Pumpkin brains!

Hard at work.

The finished product.  My favorite part is the mouth 🙂

Recovering and relaxin’ in front of the fire.

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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