Halloween Decorations 2022!

It’s Halloween weekend! I love decorating for Halloween every year. Actually, I love that from October 1 – January 4, our house is basically decorated non-stop for a holiday. I get lazy about Valentine’s Day because we usually have birthday decorations up in early February and even though I have stuff for St. Patrick’s Day, I always forget to put them up until like March 15 lol.

Anyways, our indoor decorations are basically the same as last year’s, but we did add some new flare outside this year. The first addition is the spiderweb above, which we put on the garage in the same place our giant Christmas wreath usually goes. The lights blink, which is fun. This Mickey/Minnie/evil Slimer/skeleton setup is also new this year:

We know that the house is set far enough back that basically no one sees our decorations, but they make us (me lol) happy, and Alex loves to watch last year’s new addition, the inflatable Stay Puft, blow up every night. There is a funny story about when we bought the skeleton. It was at the end of a long afternoon of running errands and we had two stops left. We had to do a mobile pickup from Target and get boxes from Lowe’s. Since they are adjacent, it was decided that I’d drop Jay off to run in and get the boxes and then take the van and pop over to Target to do the pickup. The kids love looking at all of Lowe’s Halloween decorations, so at the last minute, they wanted to go in with Jay. The Target trip was super quick, but for some reason, they were taking much longer than I expected for merely getting boxes.

They finally come out of the store with boxes…and an 8-foot skeleton.

“What on earth?” I ask. “We already got new decorations this year! Why do we need a skeleton?” The excited response from Zach and Alex was, “Look, Mommy! Its eyes glow red!!”

I look over at Jay, who shrugs, and says, “They really wanted it. Look how cool it is!”

Never a family to miss an opportunity, we decide that for the 5-minute drive back home, I’d sit with the skeleton on my lap and see if anyone noticed and freaked out. Sadly, we only got one look and it wasn’t even a double-take! Hahaha, next year.

Anyways, that’s the scoop on this year’s Halloween decorations. Like I said above, nothing has really changed too much inside since last year, but here’s our setup. Feel free to share any of your Halloween decorations in the comments!








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