Halloween 2019!

I love Halloween! Since Zach was born, I’ve made sure that we always decorate and do something to celebrate. So far, we’re five years in and I can still pull off family costumes, which I am going to do for as long as I possibly can, haha. Luckily, Zachary shares my enthusiasm for Halloween, dressing up, and parties. We’re still working on Alex lol and Jay humors me.

This year, we weren’t able to do a Halloween party and both times we planned on going to a pumpkin patch, we got rained out! Instead, I took the party to The Broadcast and had a live show where the three of us dressed up and read spooky stories from the Internet/shared our own. [Check it out here: iTunes, Spreaker, jayandjack.com, Google Play, Spotify, etc. al.]

I digress. Back to #GlatsquaredDoesHalloween. This year, we asked Zach what he wanted to be and be said, “Mr. Potato Head!” So, the theme became Toy Story 4. Jay was Woody, Alex was Buzz Lightyear, and I was Bo Peep. I had found a Jessie costume for Zoe on Amazon but it sold out before I could buy it! I don’t think she minded though 😝.

Despite the thread of storms, we were able to get some good trick-or-treating in during our neighborhood’s annual hayride around the neighborhood extravaganza. Jay’s family came over for some pizza and Halloween fun. Zach was super into it right away and Alex freaked out when he saw me putting on my costume, including the blonde wig (I make an awful blonde hahaha). I thought having him see me get ready would help, but nope. His face got darker and darker with every new piece of the costume and he kept backing up slowly. When I went to pick him up and reassure him that it was me and all was well, he started crying. He then screamed and protest-cried for the next 10 minutes as I changed him into his costume.

Zach did his best to get him to calm down, but finally, we gave up and gave him a lollipop. #RealLifeParenting. He finally got the hang of the point of trick-or-treating after a little while, though, and got into the spirit of it. He definitely was trying to take the costume off the second we walked back in the door, though. Luckily, the weather held out for us, but we had a massive storm roll in about an hour after we got home, complete with tornado warnings, downed trees and a brief power outage.

Here are some pictures of our evening! I can’t wait for next year!

Zachary shares my joy of Halloween.

Starting to get into it…

Zach humors me with a half-pose while mid-candy dash, haha.

Happy Halloween!

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