California Dreamin’

I had the craziest dream last night and I have no idea what it means at all, though I should probably just take it as it is:

I was returning home to New York (JFK airport for some strange reason; I usually fly out of LGA) from what I think was Raleigh (minor detail I forgot after waking up). I had a flight that left early in the morning and the last time I looked at my watch in my dream was 6:45am. I fell asleep. I woke up and I was on a JetBlue flight (which I guess is why I was supposed to be at JFK, since it doesn’t fly to LGA), but it was strangely quiet. Everyone seemed to be waiting for something. I was in the front and like, “Eff this! Let’s get off this pliz-zane!” I looked at my watch and saw that it said 9pm, but thought not much of it, thinking that maybe it was 9am & my watch was just spazzing. I left the plane. It was sorta set up like the “Soarin’ Over California” ride at Disneyland – very wide.

I walked off and into the airport and immediately got confused. It wasn’t JFK. I kept walking, this time a little more, “Ummm WTF?!” Then I see a huge sign on the wall: “Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport.”

Naturally, I’m a little bit panicked to find out that I have not landed in New York, but LAX in California.

So I run back to the plane and am magically not stopped by security or anyone and I go back to my seat, as they’re in the middle of announcing that we were unable to land at John F. Kennedy Airport and had to fly to LAX instead. (As Jay pointed out when I told him this morning, “So…they couldn’t land in NY, so they…flew to California?”)

As one can only do in dreamland, I find a free customer service representative as soon as I get into the terminal, who looks and sounds suspiciously like my Aunt Carol, who I only see like 4 times a year. I explain to her that I’m part of the NY JetBlue flight and I needed to get home. She took me to this back door – almost secret entrance – to a ticket counter that also doubled as a line at a grocery store. Yes, it was still set up in LAX. I explained to him the situation – realize that it’s actually only 6pm since it was PDT time – and he looks up my next flight options back to NY.

At this point in my dream, I’m magically also on the phone with Jay, explaining what’s happening to him. It was the same situation as when I returned from Comic Con; a Wednesday and I technically didn’t have anything to do until the following Monday. So I suggest to the ticket agent/grocery store clerk that I can wait til the following morning to get a flight out (hey, when in Rome Los Angeles…). Jay and the Aunt Carol look/soundalike try to shush me up, but I insist the whole time, “It’s fine. I don’t have anything to do the rest of this week and Jana lives in Burbank, she can maybe come pick me up! I’ve never seen LA!” Jay keeps insisting he’ll call his Aunt Cindy or some other relative he has in LA or even Ralph & Stevi while the Aunt Carol look/soundalike is hushing me up, like I’m an idiot for not wanting to rush back to NY on a red-eye flight.

The man tells me there’s a flight leaving very soon or else there’s another one at 11am the next morning. I’m all about calling Jana in Burbank to show me LA/introduce me to David Duchovny ((sigh)), but just as I’m about to find out what flight I am taking, I woke up.

So, what does it mean?

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