Take Me Back…

Dear Friends at Marist,

I’m so incredibly jealous of you all right now. In fact, I think that if I had to take 8am classes, 5 days a week just so I could go back and not have to be in the real world, I would be ok with that. So, kids, here’s my advice:

1. Go out and have fun. After freshman year, I didn’t do nearly enough partying (no matter how much Randy tried to tell me that i should go out & be fun) until tech week of Festival. Unfortunately, I decided I liked it so much that I’ve spent much of the past 3 months livin’ like it’s 1999. But that’s not the point. My last month at Marist may have very well been the best time I had at school & it’s what’s making me want to go back so much more, haha.

2. Listen up, MCCTA: It’s JUST fucking MCCTA. I know that statement makes me THE MOST hypocritical person on the planet right now but the show will go on. But please, don’t let Crissy have a heart attack. Someone drag her away from the theatre once it hits 11pm. 1am is acceptable for tech weeks. Dunkin Donuts runs are your lifesavers. Yuhas will always be up for one. Oh, & make the new beer fairy do something totally unfair at least once. And fuck you for getting to do “Crazy for You,” which is still my favorite show that I’ve ever done.

3. Irish nachos at Darbys. They’re your best friend.

4. Riverfest is the greatest night ever.

5. The wall in Gartland is the best spot on campus.

6. Enjoy it. It’s going to be gone soon. And before you know it, it’ll be the end of Aug, 3 months after you’ve graduated & you’ll wish that you weren’t in the real world, but rather in your common room with your fantastic roommates (xoxo), laughing about hand drawn penis pictures, watching tv on dvd & having everything’s silly time. And you’ll be really missing all places, good times & the great people that changed your life.



P.S. I really wanna go back.

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