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Boring Tuesday Night

Big sigh.  Jay’s playing Magic the Gathering tonight, so I’m bored.  I’m in one of those bored moods where I can’t concentrate on one thing.  I tried watching the State of the Union address but couldn’t focus.  Then I watched … Continue reading

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Sh*t Nobody Says at Marist

Haha, so true.  Long live Marist College! Thanks to John for the head’s up about this video. Tweet

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Sunday is going to be a difficult day. Marist remembers 9/11 by placing 3,497 flags in front of the Chapel to recall those who lost their lives in the attacks. Also placed there is the 9/11 cross, cut from an … Continue reading

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Every entrance is an exit somewhere else.

On May 20, 2006, I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications (dual major in Journalism & Public Relations) from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY after having the best four years of my life.  I made so many lifelong … Continue reading

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90210 Confessions

In honor of today being “90210 Day,” I have two things thing confess: 1. Is more of an interesting tidbit.  It was 3 years ago today that Jay first met my family.  We went to visit them as they were … Continue reading

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That Time Sara Became Mrs. Burns

Woo-hoo, Sara & TJ got married last week on September 5. I was a bridesmaid. I only have a few pictures up right now, but more will come and there’s already a crapload on Facebook. Had SO much fun with … Continue reading

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East Village Reunion

Saturday night was a little Marist reunion of sorts, organized by Eddie (who’s birthday is today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOME FRY!!!) and the rest of the boys from the Deceitful Whore (the name for Eddie’s apartment our junior/senior years). It … Continue reading

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Of “Lost”, Haircuts, Apartments & Graduation

For all my Lost fan friends, this may be the funniest thing I heard all week: JNorton15: So you want to see possibly the best Lost message board quote ever? JNorton15: “When Rose said to Bernard “If you are going … Continue reading

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Sane is a relative term.

Okay, so made my return to Marist April 21 for Festival, the student written/acted/directed one act plays. Damn, I freaking miss MCCTA, which is somewhat disgusting. I have my soul back, this should NOT be happening. Haha, Phil has a … Continue reading

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They say the campus lights are bright on Broadway…

I just found out that Broadway (yes, THE Broadway) is actually the same as Route 9. So technically Marist College is on Broadway. So by default, I went to college on Broadway. Holler. Oh & speaking of Marist: I totally … Continue reading

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