Even Old Women Talk About Sex

I know I complain a lot about still being stuck at Ann Taylor 8 days a week, but as with anything you do all the time, it has its moments. Anyway, there’s this older woman, Joan, who works there. She’s…a character. She’s about 70 & probably should’ve retired like 10 years ago for various reasons/behavior, but she’s harmless. She lost her husband in a car crash a few years ago so she still works so she has something to do. This is somewhat relevant back story for what I’m going to tell you.

So I was in the dressing room the second half of the day & it got quiet in there. So, being me, I decided to start making a list of stuff I have to get done tonight, tomorrow, before I die. Joan’s in there with me & tells me that she loves to make lists too. Everyone always teased her about doing so. One day, her friend found one of her lists & added to the bottom: “#12. Screw husband.”

Joan: “And I didn’t forget to do THAT!”

Keep in mind this is a 70-year-old woman telling me this.

I start hysterically laughing (naturally I’m already plotting who I’m going to do this too…). Then she goes, “I should add the same thing to YOUR list!”

70-year-old woman.

Me: “…except I don’t have a husband!”

Joan: “Well then, I’ll just have to write ‘Screw SOMEONE!’

Let me break this down: The 70-year-old woman that I work with basically told me that I need to get laid. Naturally, I retold this story to the other broads at work. Seriously, little Tara, Barbara & I could not breathe we were laughing so hard.

Ok, I’m off to Matero’s to go watch the Mets game with him & Ian-face. Yay 4th night of munchkins, Domino’s & baseball this week!

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