Greatview_tix on eBay is a Scalper

So back when people were scalping Jay and Jack Lost Finale Party tickets on eBay and Craigslist, I had sent a couple of people messages through eBay to ask them to please stop selling them.  One such SCALPER with the username greatview_tix was a constant offender.  Greatview_tix didn’t give a flying crap if we asked them to take it down or if eBay asked them to take their $$$ ticket offer down (tickets were originally free, mind you).

Actually, let me just address these messages you sent to our eBay account in response to our two messages asking both of your auctions (there were two separate ticket sales going on at once).  In case you were confused about anything:


It’s not scalping when you have the permission of the person whose property you are auctioning off (in this case, NFL Ref Ed Hochuli).  In fact, I encourage and urge you to contact Mr. Hochuli and ask him if we were scalping his property.  I think you will be pleasantly disappointed with his response while you are wiping the egg off of your face for the accusation.  Thus said, there’s still only one scalper in this conversation and it’s you.

Next up, we have a response to the message I sent about his second set of tickets for sale:


I really had some nerve asking greatview_tix to take down the first set of scalped tickets.  But the second set?  HOW DARE I?!  Sorry for harassing you.  No wait.  I’m sorry that I checked the eBay account a week after the fact so I couldn’t set you straight earlier.

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