Road Trip, Day 5 – Part 2: Trish, Coll & Jack Do Nashville

After checking in with Cassidy, who we get briefly pissed at for uninviting us to stay with her at UNC for what we still believe is NOT a valid reason, we’re ready to go at around 7pm (we love you CJ but still). We get the boys in the lobby to give us a heads up on some places to eat & we’re off. Tricia wanted ribs, so we head to Broadway, which is like the 7th/Times Square of Nashville. There’s a long wait so we decide to just go get appetizers at a Honky-Tonk bar we see. This place was quintessential Nashville. Live country music band playing at a bar.
I texted Brian to tell him that we were in Nashville. Over the summer, we were talking about places we’d go back on vacation in a heartbeat if we could & he said that he’d go to Nashville. I was all, “Nashville?! Seriously? That’s because you’ve never been to Hawaii or [tourist, non-dirty part of] Puerto Rico or Bermuda! Places with sun & beach always outrank touristy country music cities!” He was right, I’ll admit it. Nashville = one hell of a good time. I want to go back for more than a night. Anyway, Brian tells us to go to some place called the Crazy Horse or something like that bc it’s his favorite spot. It’s really close by. We go, but there’s a cover charge. We don’t want to go inside the only bar in downtown Nashville with a cover.
So we decide to go to another bar across the street that has no cover charge. We walk in and there’s randomly a sea of Balitmore Ravens fans, in town for the Titans game on Sunday. Tricia switches into “I’m from Baltimore, I went to Towson, I grew up in Federal Hill!” mode & starts comparing eateries & the like with them all as I concentrate on the utterly ridiculous picture text messages that Eddie & Julia are randomly sending me from a wedding they’re at.
We order as we’re talking to the legions of Ravens fans (I try to get in a “I was in Baltimore in April! I’ve been here & here & here!” but…no.) Tricia orders Jack on the rocks & I order Jack & coke. Apparently the bartenders in Nashville don’t believe in pussy 6 ounce glasses that you get in NY. No, no. We get beer glass sized drinks. Tricia’s is filled up three-quarters of the way. We look at each other (see picture below). We know it’s all over.
We decide to just open up one tab & worry about working out who’s buying which rounds later on. About 10 minutes later, the bartender comes over to us & says, “That guy over there took care of your tab.” We glance down & see 2 goofy looking guys (NOT FUNNY LOOKING, but goofy as in “seeming like they had a sense of humor”) who wave at us.
Oh, it gets better. The bartender continues, “He also has a message for you. He says he wants to storm your castle on his mighty steed.”
Yeah, that’s right. Dude quoted Anchorman to try to pick us up. HYSTERICAL. He comes over & asks us if that’s the best line we’ve ever heard and we give him props for it. Then his friend comes over & we all start talking. We tell them that since the line was so great, we’ll let them “tag along” with us the rest of the night. Tricia, to her credit, was up front with them both from the beginning that we were not going to hook up with them at all, but if they still wanted to hang out, they totally could; if not, then they could peace out.
We ended up going across the street to a karaoke bar, where more Jack Daniels was consumed by all. Tricia & I sang 3 songs: “Just a Girl,” “Since U Been Gone,” & “…Baby One More Time.” Yeah, laugh it up. It was a lot of fun. There were a ton of Marines there, actually, much to Tricia’s dismay (“Aaahhhhhh, I can’t get away from them EVER!”). On a side note, at midnight it turned Nov. 11 – Cathy & Billy’s anniversary. Trish & I privately toasted them bc it was important for us to remember them.
After almost 2 hours (I think?), we decide we’re over this place. We head out to an 80’s dance club, which was even funnier than the karaoke. It was definitely dirrrrrrtier, since there were lots of trashy people dancing to such great hits as “My Prerogative,” “Billie Jean,” etc al. The 4 of us danced, but much of it was dancing completely obnoxiously a la Sarah & Amanda at Darby’s. We were there for about an hour & part ways with the guys. Tricia & I decide that food is our best bet, since we didn’t really eat dinner & the only times I’ve ever gotten myself in trouble from drinking have consistantly been the only times I haven’t eaten beforehand. We go to the local bar next to the Hilton that the boys from the hotel told us about. I think I took one bit of the chicken wrap we were splitting & decide know that it’s not a good idea to eat right now. In fact, I got that sudden “Ok, I’m so done with tonight, I want to go home & sleep NOW” feeling. Tricia takes the wrap & mash potatos (& the bar’s metal fork, of course) to go.
However, as we’re walking back across the street, my genius friend remembers the promise that we could walk across the bridge drunk before we go back. She reminds me & suddenly, I’m so over wanting to go to sleep. Ah, isn’t late-night public intoxication fun?
So finally, as promised at the start of the night, we made our way to the pedestrian bridge that our hotel room overlooked. And by “made our way,” I mean “stumbled to”. This is both the most embarrassing yet most ridiculously retarded video that we took this trip & it’s here for your viewing (and mocking) pleasure:
We went back upstairs after this & I fell asleep instantly in the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in in my entire life. EVER.
Pictures! Wow! Exciting!
Night on the town? Ready, set, go.Yes, that is a glass of Jack on the rocks and only Jack on the rocks. The entire thing.
Consider us warned. Our new friend Justin, who liked Tucker Max & the same movies as Tricia.

Ohhhh I’m just a girl…
A night of drunken karaoke is not complete until you’ve done “Since U Been Gone”. Duh.
Tricia & our new friends
So sexy; no wonder the boys loved us.
We love the 80’s, it’s our prerogative
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