Road Trip, Day 7 – Baltimore At Last

I’m kinda getting tired of talking about the trip, so I’m going to try to do the last 2 days quickly. We got up early on Sunday, (Nov 12) – around 5-5:30am – & hit the road after grabbing a quick breakfast in the lobby of our little motel. We weren’t much into the talking at first since it was early, so we decided to put on the rest of Van Wilder, which we had started watching on my laptop the night before in traffic. Yes, it was obviously the smartest thing to do. Randy might praise Tara Reid’s acting skills, but personally, I’m not sure how Tricia was able to not want to crash the car everytime she came on screen (just kidding – American Pie & Van Wilder are the only 2 Tara Reid movies that only make me contemplate sticking things through my eyes, not actually seriously consider it; that honor is saved for special movies, like Josie & the Pussycats).
After briefly detouring in WV after missing an exit, we finally arrived in Baltimore at Tricia’s dad’s (Mr. Bill, as he’s known) apartment in Federal Hill at around 2pm. Tricia wanted to say hello to people, so we walked to a neighbor’s house where people had congregated to watch the Titans/Ravens game. Afterwards, we walked around the Inner Harbor of Federal Hill (that area is GORGEOUS) & grabbed a drink at a local pub. I was in Baltimore with Trish back in the very beginning of April (she came out for Cassidy’s 21st so the 2 of us + Ian went to Elizabethtown to celebrate, then the next day Tricia & I went to her dad’s for the night). I had met many of these people & seen some of the sites made famous from Tricia’s childhood/college days at Towson stories. Um, can I just say that Poughkeepsie totally gypped us by not having a designated area for bars? Yeah, Toucans & Darbys were right next to each other & theorethically you could walk from Foxhole to Mahoney’s or Renni’s if you don’t mind the potential mugging or raping, but Baltimore/Towson kids have – or at least had when Tricia went to school – this thing called the Source (I think). From what I understand, it’s a warehouse full of bars that the college would drop students off & then pick them all up by bus at like 2am.
Afterwards, we went back to the apartment for a little while before heading out again to say hello to another neighbor & then went to dinner. Her dad’s on/off-girlfriend, Irene, came with us. Afterwards, we went to this place called Metropolitian that had what could quite possibly be the greatest invention ever: the Expresso Martini. Yes, that’s right. A lot of caffeine mixed with alcohol. And they actually tasted really good, too. Mr. Bill is so cool. It’s not surprising that Tricia’s so outgoing; her dad has so many friends & everyone in Federal Hill knows him. They used to joke that he was the mayor. His face his on a mural inside one of the bars, too!
We went back to Mr. Bill’s place after that. Tricia & I decided to grab one last drink to celebrate the end of the trip. We were tired so we only stayed out long enough for one drink & actually had a somewhat serious talk. It’s funny that we spent so much time in the car together & shared so many stories of things that have happened to each other since we last saw one another on April 6, but never really had a serious talk, about stuff like the future & things that have happened lately that have hurt us or bothered us, etc. I finally told someone about my different (as in not one specific thing) issues from this summer in their entirety, rather than the different bits & pieces I confided to different close friends bc I didn’t want to talk about anything or be crazy & annoying by ranting (you know, cause getting inebriated was obviously the healthier option <<rolls eyes>>. Hindsight, hindsight). We talked for a while, then went home & went to sleep.
Waaaay too close-up video of yours truly praising the wonders of the Expresso Martini. Please note my new cap, which I managed to wear a grand total of 6 days before coming to my senses abandoning it, which is a record for me & fashion accessories.

What do we have here? Visuals?!

Finally at Mr. Bill’s Brownstone.I look like I haven’t slept in 8 days. Handlebar jokes not included.
With Irene & our Expresso Martinis. I still look like shit, ugh.

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