Grandma Woke Up a Democrat

Soooo Grandma’s surgery went well. She’s still in a lot of pain but she was prescribed Vicodin, so hopefully that’ll help her every 4 hours for the next few weeks. It’s SO funny to me to think about how at the end of last school year I took Vicodin a few times for shits & giggles and when I was the one who had to walk 4 blocks yesterday afternoon in la ciuadad to fill her prescription, I started laughing. To this day, I have no idea why I thought it was ever a good idea – or at least a fun idea – to take it. Oh well. I blame Randy for “peer pressuring” me into it (even though we never did it together) and Brian for being a supplier! Anyhow, yeah, it’s just another testament to how I went crazy at the end of school because I was having so many strange emotions about the whole thing. Oh well, I’m over *that* phase. Not over being weirded out/completely freaked out by not being at Marist/being unsure about the future, but over doing that shit. Ah, well…

Just to tell a quick story that’s a testimony to why I love my grandma so much: My Uncle Lou went to get the car, my grandpa went to find him, my aunt was doing whatever she was doing and I was with my grandma, her physical therapist & her nurse. We were waiting to get her into the car home & it was freezing outside. Grandma was still relatively groggy from the anithesea & in pain from surgery. We’re waiting outside for my uncle to be able to get the car right in front. Grandma’s in her wheelchair. Aunt Anne had put her scarf around her neck & laid her coat in front of her to cover her from the cold. Does Grandma notice the cold? No. She turns to her nurse & asks, “Would you like to wear my coat til my son gets here? It’s very cold outside & you’re not wearing anything, you must be cold. Take my coat.”

I had to turn away upon hearing this because I almost burst into tears. That’s what I want to be like. So selfless that when I’m in obvious pain & about to be discharged from the hospital to worry whether or not the woman who’s pushing my wheelchair is cold.

My grandma rocks.

P.S. She also woke up a Democrat. For anyone who knows my extremely conservative, Catholic, Republican family, this is strange. But regardless, in the car on the way home from NYC, Grandma says, “I like that Barack Obama guy. I’d vote for him if he ran for President. I’d vote for him over any of these jackass Republican candidates. Except Hillary. I’d vote for anyone over here. But if it’s not her next election, I’m voting Democrat.”

All we need now is my dad to vote Democrat & I think hell will freeze over.

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