NYC Christmas Fiestas & Harry Potter = SO Fetch

I actually had 2 Saturdays off in a row, which for a Dec. in retail is unheard of. I need a real job where I can have Sats off all the time. But enough of the pity party. Last Sat (Dec 2), I went to Julie & Courtney’s Christmas par-tay, all the way in Upper Bumblefuck, Manhattan. Actually, it was a really nice area; I’d totally, totally consider living there if it wasn’t so freaking far. I think they’re on 210th St or something? It was 5 blocks from the Bronx border, at the Dyckman stop on the subway. Julia met me at Penn & we rode the 45-min ride together. Their apartment is really cute, the party was fun; I’m really glad that I went. Anthony came with Amanda Nietzel, as did Matt Hittenmark & all of their old housemates. Good times :). Matero & Eddie drove in & Shawn Lynch came, but they got there after I’d left.
Of course, I was slightly buzzing when I left, so I missed the subway & subsequently missed the train I wanted to take back to Hicksville. (I was completely fine by the time I got to my car since it was 2 hours after I left the party, though, I promise.) All of the cousins on my mom’s side had gotten together that night (there’s 12 including my mom, aunt & uncle). By the time I got to Syosset & called my mom, they were all finishing up. I decided to just go home & go to a party all the way in fucking Mastic with Tricia. After driving around in circles, we finally found the right street, which of course was on the other side of Wm. Floyd, with no street sign. All we had to go on was it was “by 7-11 & before the Smith Point Motel.” But it was fun. We didn’t do too shabby in the beer pong dept. I made Tricia drink for me the last 1.5 hours since I wasn’t even going to risk driving from Mastic to Coram to Ridge, especially since I’m a big fan of taking Whiskey Rd everywhere I possibly can, at all hours of the day/night. She was waaaasted. It was a looooong night of social activity for me.
On Tues, I went to a “Pre-Holiday Grand Opening” of a salon owned by a celebrity stylist in the West Village that I was invited to through STARKED NYC. I’m not going to say much here, but here’s the link for the posting I did on the website about it. I didn’t know if I could bring anyone, so I had told Tricia she couldn’t come. Then, I’m on the subway & I look at the invitation again & see that I can bring a guest. I’m an idiot. I called Julia cause I knew she’d be getting out of work & on her way to the subway to go home & made her come meet me. Bribing people with free booze always works. Anthony met up with us afterwards & we continued all the drinking at some bar, though not for free. I went back to Syosset, since I had been there since Mon night bc of Grandma’s surgery on Tues morning. I stayed there to help take care of her til Wed night. <3
Yesterday, I drove into Brooklyn to straight chill with Julia again. She, Annie Russell & I went to get a Christmas tree for their apartment, which we strapped to the roof of my car. Jules & I put lights & festive/gay red bows on it. After eating almost an entire bag of Swedish Fish in about 4 minutes, we decided it was time to get real food. So she, Annie, another roommate Kevin & I hit up a diner. Anthony, Amanda & Laurie were having a party that I had promised Matt Dunning I’d go to, but it was cold & by the time we finished dinner, it was late. They live on the Upper West Side & it’s an hour subway ride from Brooklyn. That’s not so bad, but I had to work today & couldn’t get home really late. I felt badly, though. We promised Dunning we’d go to Boston before March 1 to make it up to him. So it looks like I’m goin’ to Boston.
So instead of going out like normal 22-year-olds, what did we do? Watch Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire! I’ve been rereading all the books again. The only other movie I’ve seen is the first one, which didn’t do much for me. This one = so good. I got ridiculously into it too. If I were Julia (or even Annie, who probably heard me in her room), I’d definitely have rolled my eyes at the extreme level of nerd that I was emitting. I may or may not have tried warning Cedric Diggory to turn back at the end in a vain attempt to save his life. I also may or may not have squealed when Voldemort came back. Fantaaaaaastic. I got home in an hour, 15 minutes. Great success! The L.I.E. isn’t so bad when there’s no traffic. OH & there’s a Palace Diner in Queens – I feel as though I need to go there just out of principle.
Some P.S.’es:
  • Mean Girls has been on TBS all weekend. So fetch. Holler.
  • The 6th season of Scrubs started last week. Double holler.
  • I’m now obsessed with The Office. Jim is my new crush.
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