Katelyn’s 21 & Invincible

So my sister Katelyn turned 21 on March 7 so Eddie and I joined her & some of her friends at a bar last night to celebrate. Nothing too exciting happened, so normally this wouldn’t really warrant a post. However, I feel the need to document that Katelyn celebrated her first few days of legal United States drinking the right way. And she did me proud. Kate’s not really much of a drinker but her friends made sure that she did it up in style. She did tequila & Irish Car Bombs like a mother-f’ing champ. I was proud. Anyway, that said & suspiciously alcoholic-sounding harpings aside, I’m going to shut up now & be vain by posting pictures. Eddie & I basically were ourselves the entire night and decided to have a photo shoot in the middle of the bar, simply because there was a camera, so why not? I’m sparing everyone from all but a few. Though if you ask really nicely, I’ll post the 2 pictures up in which I was pretending to be Mariah Carey & Britney Spears. They’re disturbingly accurate portrayals, in my opinion.
Katelyn Rose, the birthday girl. The tolkein “let’s make crazy faces for the camera!” picture…
…followed by the “let’s smile so people REALLY don’t think we’re weird” one.
Eddie’s so silly.
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