March 14 is Pi Day.

…and my Spelling Family Care-O-Meter is STILL at zero!

Soooo it’s March 14 -> 3/14 -> 3.14 -> Pi Day. This means absolutely nothing in the scheme of things, but I just made fun of Cassidy Jill for having “Happy Pi Day” as her away message. According to her, “I’m in grad school, so it’s okay.”
OH speaking of CJ, I’m 98% going to visit her in North Carolina at the end of April. April 26-27 (Thurs-Fri), I have to be at something at Penn Relays for work (we’re sponsoring a concert). Fri night, I’m flying out of Philly & going to NC. She’s at Chapel Hill, so I assume we’re staying there Fri night? She has a friend who I think lives in or right outside Raleigh, so the next day, we’re going to the Raleigh Beer Festival for a kickin’ good time. Hopefully Tricia will come too. Plus, I wanna go to Comic Con in July. Randy may go with me – and Norton, too. Yay Dork Fest ’07.
Finally, the latest episode of MetroBuzz is out; if you like hearing me & John Norton talk (aka me being stupid since I get sidetracked easily & he’s got a good voice & actual podcast-hosting abilities;)) then you should go on iTunes & look up MetroBuzz and download us or click here.
That’s all for now. Off to help my friend Jen write an essay then to watch Lost. Happy Pi Day & all that jazz.
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