They say the campus lights are bright on Broadway…

I just found out that Broadway (yes, THE Broadway) is actually the same as Route 9. So technically Marist College is on Broadway. So by default, I went to college on Broadway. Holler.
Oh & speaking of Marist: I totally forgot I started a post back on my birthday after Meagan called to wish me a happy. It’s part of the conversation we had that made me crack up hysterically (which is good, since I spent the entire day sulking over being old & therefore refusing to acknowledge it/go out to celebrate).
Meg: I threw up behind up Darbys last weekend! It was like, ‘Freshman year called. It wants its Saturday nights back.’ Then I was at the PALACE at 3am! No undergraduate under the shame of that!
Coll: I would’ve been there for you.
Meg: You would’ve been holding my hair back.
Coll: Yeah, but I would’ve been making snarky comments while I was holding your hair back. ‘Come on, Meg, let it out. Let it out like you’re 17 again!’
Meg: HAHAHAHA. Yes, which is why I love you!
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