“Yes, I’ll take the H&M bra for $100.”

So let’s just talk about how some random dude at the train station today asked to “buy my bra” for $100, then actually whipped out $100 bill to prove it. Please note that I was wearing a t-shirt with a SWEATER over it at the time. So, yeah. THAT was awesome.
I’m house/dog-sitting for my aunt in Mt. Sinai again. It’s also 11:34pm right now on a FRIDAY & I’m so ready to go to sleep. Is this what happens when you turn 23? Can I go back to being 21?
Children’s Theatre was this week at Marist. I can’t even begin to describe how much I miss it. It was always that week that the weather was magically GORGEOUS for the first time and the kids are just hysterical while watching the show. Plus, free meals in the cafeteria (haha), which was always the BEST bonding time. It really was my FAVORITE part of the MCCTA season – more so than probably “The Vagina Monologues” and Festival (& everyone knows that I’ve had amazing, amazing Festival experiences…). Sigh. I MCCTA.
Since I don’t have the video of the “99 Problems But My Cow Ain’t One” rap from the glory days of “Jack & the Magic Beans” on this computer right now (external hard drive), I’m going to have to be all reminiscent by putting up a video I DO already have uploaded from Children’s Theatre ’05:

OKAY! Enough with all the emo. I’m obsessed with the Amy Winehouse CD even though she’s absolutely nuts. Though, being that I love Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple & Tori Amos, this should not be a surprise. I’m in a great mood right now, particuarly because of the AMAZING MetroBuzz related evening I had. Holler.

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