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My Macbook Does Cool Things

Sooooo I found out that not only do I have this awesomely clear quality internal webcam built into my brand new Macbook, but I can actually record things using this webcam and (naturally) post them to the Internet! …Which is, … Continue reading

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“Yes, I’ll take the H&M bra for $100.”

So let’s just talk about how some random dude at the train station today asked to “buy my bra” for $100, then actually whipped out $100 bill to prove it. Please note that I was wearing a t-shirt with a … Continue reading

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“Heroes” rocks my socks.

A couple quick things: Last night, Angrisani convinced me to join his fantasy baseball league. We named my team after Helen Keller, which is somewhat approp, especially considering I have absolutely no idea how a fantasy sports league works & … Continue reading

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