Love, actually, is all around us.

Rachel & Will’s wedding on Sunday, October 14, was absolutely gorgeous. It was a small ceremony on a hillside in West Park, NY (upstate near Poughkeepsie). Rachel looked utterly beautiful and Will looked pretty darn handsome too 🙂 I loved that it was such a small wedding, because you could really feel the love all around (yeah I think I’ll take some wine with this cheese). Her brother said a little something at the alter about the two of them, which had everyone in tears. Then, at the reception, her dad gave one of the sweetest toasts I’ve ever heard. He first spoke about Rachel, then about Will, then about how great they are for each other. I literally cried for like 15 minutes afterwards because it was so touching. Oh yeah and I decided that I guess I’ll have a wedding after all – maybe – but it’s totally going to be a roast of me & my husband. Cause really, the best parts of the wedding are the speeches (who doesn’t like people talking about them?), the open bar, and the dancing. So I’m just going to make it a roast with an open bar and then everyone can dance like it’s 1988 again afterwards.

Here’s Rachel singing Sinatra’s “From This Moment On” to Will as a wedding present. She has such a gorgeous voice:


A wedding on a hillside


With DJ Annie & Julia

Me & Houlia down by the open bar

The multi-talented Ryan Dafoe.

As always, Steph is the hottest girl (non-bride) in the room…

And as always, we are the dancing queens!

With the beautiful bride and an truly inspirational friend 🙂

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