37 Hours in Raleigh

Not much to report here. Made a spur of the moment trip to Raleigh last weekend. Jay, Clif & I went to see The Dark Knight in IMAX, which rocked. We walked around downtown for a little while because a free concert was going on outside, but were too cheap to pay cover charges in any of the bars there, so we went to a bar at North Hills mall since Clif & Cassidy had met us there for a little dinner at 5 Guys and Clif went with us in our car and left his there. It was actually really fun. At first, we were doing that whole, “We’re only going to order the drinks that are the specials of the night so we save money” type thing. Then when we sat down, it became “Colleen needs to try that giant margarita they have here!” Then it turned into “Okay, one more drink!” Then “Okay, let’s order the hot wings, we’re kinda hungry.” It was really fun and I’m glad I went. I left at 7am Sunday morning because it was my dad’s birthday.

On a girly side note, when we were walking around down town, we stopped in front of the entrance of the free concert. It looked familiar and I looked around and realized that we were standing in the exact same spot that Jay & I first met! All together now: “Awwwww!”

The end.

Oh and Clif willing used my lip gloss because no one had chapstick. Priceless.

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