Angelina Jolie is Mother-of-the-Year

I’m bored. At the risk of being a little bit of a Perez-copycat, I just had these thoughts while I was killing time looking at this magazine in the bathroom before (you know when you have nothing to do, so you just finish looking at whatever’s staring you in the face when you sit down even though you’re already washed-your-hands-done?) & had to take a picture of the cover and add my own things:

1. Congratulations to Angelina Jolie for actually being a mother and being exhausted after taking care of her children. Let’s all give her a Noble prize for being such a fucking saint. The only woman in the world to be exhausted after dealing with 6 kids under the age of 8. Duh.

2. The thing that is wrong with Madonna’s face is that she’s old, she works out too much, and she’s had about 19 too many plastic surgeries.

3. I’m cranky, but let’s call it feisty.

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