Nerd Flu ’11

20110729-083837.jpgI sat down the other night to begin writing my yearly Comic Con blog recap posts, but I’ve come down with the Nerd Flu yet again.  The Nerd Flu is the sickness you get after you get back from 5 days of staying up til 3am, drinking more than usual, eating crappy food, and generally getting no sleep.  It’s symptons are similar to those of a sinus infection: headache, cough, runny nose, clogged ears, sore throat, etc. and the only way to get rid of it is to get a lot of sleep and apologize to your body for taking such crappy care of it for a week.

Anyway, this year’s Nerd Flu has made my brain hurt and made me generally not feel like doing much at all, including blog.  I’m off to NY tonight for my sister’s graduation party, so maybe I’ll be inspired while traveling…

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