Christmas in October

It’s time for a happier post about my weekend, one that doesn’t involve airplanes. So this weekend, I had a completely work-free weekend for once. We went to 5 Guys with Clif (as per usual), then we were going to go see “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” but the time was listed wrong online, so instead, we went back to Jay’s house and watched “Casino Royale,” since I’ve never seen it. I love action movies like that, so I really liked it a lot. Jay & I actually each bought the book of short stories that makes up “Quantum of Solace” to read on Sunday.

After breakfast on Sunday (Jay’s dad cooks brunch every Sunday morning & it’s so good), we did some errands and what not. Then, we went to dinner and to again attempt to see the movie. As we were finishing dinner, I got a text message from Chris in Boston, telling me that MetroBuzz got nominated for a Podcast Award for Best Comedy!!!! I’m actually really, really excited about it. Last year, when I went to California with Jay to watch him accept the award for Best Entertainment podcast, I never ever thought that we’d get nominated. I was incredibly giddy after finding this out, so naturally, a celebration was called for. Since we had already paid the bill, we decided to just go up to the bar in the restaurant and do straight vodka shots. 10 minutes later, two semi-drunk award-nominated podcasters walked into a movie theatre. We then proceeded to giggle our way through the entire first half. We had gotten popcorn and I placed it on the arm of the chair next to me. Jay for some reason decided to lift up the arm and popcorn flew everywhere, which prompted more obnoxious giggling from us, but there were like 5 other people in the theatre and we were in the back row. So whatev. (Btw, the movie was pretty good – having spent a year as an outsider in the indie music world, it was actually quite believable to me and made me really miss living in NYC even more than I already do.)

We went to the mall on Saturday, October 18. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture:

Alright, gotta peace out – Time to go back to Job#2 work before I head to Job#1. I didn’t say it before, but thank you so much to anyone who is reading this who helped nominate us for a Podcast Award. I’m really so excited. I’m going to be bugging everyone to vote for us, starting Thursday, October 23, 2008. You can vote once every 24 hours and I’d really appreciate it if you could do it. Just go to and vote MetroBuzz in the Best Comedy category and vote for Jay’s podcast, The Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack in the Best Entertainment category.

Finally, I’ll leave you with another cheesy kitten video. I took this at literally 5:15am, so if I look exhausted, it’s because I was. But I’ve already gots a boy and he was there while I filmed it, so again, whatev son! Okay, I really need to do work now 😛

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