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Okay so we’re having dismal snowy/rainy weather on Long Island today. My first-half of the day counterpart didn’t come in today and the weather was all snow this morning, so there were a decent amount of cancellations. Basically, I’ve got not a lot to do & I’m bored so I’m doing what bored people do: blogging. I used to like having time to kill at work but the last 6 months has put me out of practice haha. So let’s see what I can entertain myself by yakking about.

  1. New Lost tonight. I may or may not have seen it already. Go ahead, hate on me. I wouldn’t go back & unwatch it for anything. I’ve had to stop discussing the show with my fellow geeks since I’m afraid of giving something away because there were (IMO) a lot of puzzle pieces that start to fit together more and I don’t want to disprove something someone says by going, “Well, that can’t be because…” And if you think that Jay & I talk about Lost because of the podcast, guess again. 85% of the time, we only talk about it if we’re surrounded by friends who bring it up.
  2. Moving date approaches. I’m nervous but I’ve got a lot of fun things going on the next 2 weekends. I’m going to see Michael Ian Black do stand-up comedy in NYC with Pookie this Saturday night, January 31. She asked me if I wanted to go see it at 8pm or 10:30pm & my first thought was, “Why on EARTH would we go at 10:30pm? That’s so late.” Which then prompts me to think, “25? Fuck, I’m old.”
  3. The following weekend is my “last weekend” in NY. The weekend of my 25th birthday. Annie is throwing together a Birthday/Going-Away Soiree with the BTR crew on Fri, Feb. 6. It’s going to be good times. Well, duh. Cause with Annie’s cupcakes, how could it not be good times? Also, I’m having a gathering in Herald’s Square on Feb. 7. I don’t care if the bar is a controversial choice. It’s close to Penn Station, where I’m probably coming from & it’s still cold in NYC. Therefore, that’s where I’m having it. It’s for Ian-face’s birthday too (naturally). Good times will ensue as well.
  4. Fun Fact: My & Ian-face’s 25th birthday coincides with the 2nd anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.
  5. I’d really like to go to New York Comic Con again this year (Feb. 6-8), but the only day that I could make it is Saturday. This isn’t a problem except that the freaking cast of my new favorite show Chuck is going to be there on Sunday! Also, the casts of Fringe & Joss Whedon’s new show are going to be there Sunday as well. Yeah, I’m a geek. Stupid birthday.
  6. If you haven’t already heard already, Scarlett Johansson is doing a cover of my boy Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye.” I’m going to defer all discussion on this to Amanda.
  7. And finally, I’m thinking about making this blog into an actual website or at least updating the format/template a little bit. But more about that another time, I suppose.

Okay, I think I’ve successfully killed a little bit of time. I’ve actually written this blog twice because it didn’t save the first time when I went to publish it and then it was gone. I was way wittier the first time, but oh well. At least it’s 6pm now. May 7pm come fast & may 9pm come even faster. That’s what she said.

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