Begin, be not afraid; fall in, the day is brave

Happy February 1!  Welcome to my snazzy new super duper website.  The lovely and talented Alice has been helping me out a lot with everything on here and we’re not even done yet 🙂  All my former posts from the old blog are still here.  Blah blah blah.

I’m exhausted because I got home at like 3:30am last night.  Pookie (Amanda C) & I went to see Michael Ian Black do stand up last night at Caroline’s comedy club in Times Square.  Afterwards, we met up with Anthony, my sister Katelyn & Jeremiah #2.  It was actually really fun. 🙂  I had just missed the train by the time I got back to Penn and had to wait an extra 45 minutes, so naturally I decided to angrily eat pizza loaded with garlic at 1:30am while waiting for the train.  That’s the one thing I will not miss about Long Island: being a slave to the damn train schedule.  Gawd, I miss the subway system.  Raleigh should build one, stat.

Superbowl time soon.  How sick nasty is this snack stadium?  The original post about it, as well as instructions on how to make it, can be found here:  Even knowing this…

  • TOTAL CALORIES: 24,375
  • TOTAL COST: $86.47

…it still seems as though it’d be worth it…


Thank you, come again! And stay tuned, cause Jay & I have a surprise planned for everyone sometime later this week…

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