San Diego Comic Con ’10 – Thursday

So yesterday began the madness of full day Comic Con.  I milled around in the hotel for a little while as Jay went to get some of his Mattel things and then went to meet up with him and Clif in line for the Tron panel in Hall H.  Sadly, we didn’t get in but we did get really close and we met Amy (@Nerderific) while we were in line, so that was pretty cool.  After they closed the line off for Tron, Jay & I decided to walk back to the hotel to drop off all the Mattel bags (Jay) and change out of flip flops and into better shoes (me).  I had already walked about a mile and a half yesterday morning in search of a bigger purse to buy.  I know.  Why did I need to go shopping during Comic Con?  Well, I had a bigger bag to hold all my shit but I left it in Raleigh without even thinking.  I actually consciously looked at it while I was straightening up and thought, “Oh, let me throw this in my closet before we go.”  haha, oh well.  I managed to get a kick ass Vera Bradley bag for 50% off at a store I found in Seaport Village.  Sidenote: Seaport Village is really nice.  I don’t know why none of us have ever ventured over there during one of these Cons.

Anyway, after we walked back to our hotel, we headed straight back to the Convention Center and into the Sails Pavilion for the live Jay and Jack Podcast.  (It’s kinda weird to write this post right now and not have to put #ComicCon or @jayandjack lol.)  We tried to stop for lunch but every place was too crowded and we realized we had to stop by Hall H to get the mics from Clif.  So at 1:30pm, the day “started” with the live Jay and Jack podcast.  Ralph, Ryan and Jen were there to talk:


Alirio’s son, Nicholas aka Mini Michael Cera also graciously lent them his talent to appear as a guest:


…before changing into a pirate.


After the live podcast, Jack decided to go home while Jay and I decided to try to get into Ballroom 20 to see the Psych panel, Showtime’s Anti-Heroes panel, and the Dexter panel.  We didn’t get into the Psych panel, which is something that I really wanted to get in for so I was pretty bummed out to be honest.  Luckily we were joined in line by Cesar and his lovely wife Ann so we had some nice company.  We waited in line for 1 hour and 40 minutes and I thought that we were going to miss the Anti-Heroes panel too but thankfully we got in JUST as they dimmed the lights to start it.  I really wanted to see the Anti-Heroes panel because my longtime love interest David Duchovny was there looking like a hot mess which was totally okay with me.  Also on the panel was Mary-Louise Parker and Michael C. Hall, and showrunners from Californication, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and Weeds.  I have to say that MLP (who is absolutely gorgeous) and her showrunner were kinda…weird…in how they answered questions.  A showrunner named Linda from Nurse Jackie was absolutely hilarious.  I love it when the panelists are enthusiastic because it makes me feel like they want to be there with us.  I felt kinda bad though for MCH and DD because they kept getting the same questions over and over again (“How do you feel about people still seeing you as Mulder?” “Do you approve of your character’s habit of killing people?” were asked at least 3 times each.)



Finally, it was time for the Dexter panel.  We saw a preview trailer for Season 5 and holy shit it’s just as intense as the season 4 finale.  It picks up right where it left off.  In attendance was Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Jennifer Carpenter (Debra), James Remar (Harry), and 3 producers.  This panel was really fun.  The moderator was awesome (he came out wearing one of the Dexter slice-mark blood tattoos that they’ve been giving out here) and the cast was funny.  The moderator actually made a great joke about Deb’s boyfriends (spoiler alert?).  He said to Jennifer Carpenter, “I feel as though being one of Debra Morgan’s boyfriends is just like wearing a red shirt on Star Trek.”  He got huge laughs and applause and then said to the audience, “Now that’s a Comic Con joke right there!”  All in all, it was a great panel and I can’t wait for Season 5 even though we don’t have Showtime and won’t get to see it for a while anyway lol.


After the panel, we were out of energy so we met up with Clif and headed down to Fred’s for one more time where we were met by Kelly Jo, Desiree, Michael, Adam, and briefly by Steph, Skylar, Morgan, Mike and Rob.  Two nights of Mexican food in a row was giving me a pretty bad stomachache and I was wiped out from all the walking and standing we did so I was totally okay with us calling it an “early” night again.


Tonight is the Jay and Jack meet-up at Tivoli’s and I really hope that a lot of people come since we didn’t really do a good job of getting the word out there this time.  For now, I’ve got to rush off to meet Jay who is in line for the Hawaii 5-0 panel.  I hope I’m not too late since I just got out of the shower and I have to be there in 15 minutes.  Yikes.  Better run tigers.

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