San Diego Comic Con ’10 – Preview Night

So yesterday started the first day of Comic Con – Preview Night.  Woo-hoo.  So yesterday, Jay & I left our crappy McCrappy hotel & headed up to start up a now yearly tradition: In-N-Out Burger for lunch before badge pick up.

We met a whole bunch of people there, including Jana, Clif, Ryan, Jen, the Media Junkyard crew (Chris, Rob, Boston & Robin), Robin’s wife Bree and Alirio & his family (Christine, Mini Michael Cera aka Nicholas and baby Isabella).  There were a lot of us sitting inside that In-N-Out and it was just as fun and delicious as always:



After In-N-Out, we headed to the Convention Center to pick up our badges and wait in line for the Exhibit Hall.  Jay really wanted to get some exclusives from Mattel as well as the Jacob & Man in Black figures from the Entertainment Earth booth.  I was in charge in getting the figures and I have to say it was a great success.


The big thing in the Exhibit Hall was the actual Ecto-1 from the movie Ghostbusters.  Needless to say, Jay was in absolute heaven:



We decided to skip the premiere of Nikita that was airing last night and head out to our old joint of last year, Fred’s, a Mexican food restaurant on 5th & Island.  There were a big group of us here, too: me, Jay, Ryan, Jen, Jana, Clif, Rob, Kolkie, Boston, Robin, Desiree and her daughter Skylar, Steph Smith and her daughter Morgan, Adam, Mike (@Renmiked) and Michael aka The Friendly Communist.  We also ran into Kim, Joe and their crew too, which was a pleasant surprise.  We had a blast, as usual.




We headed back to the Media Junkyard hotel room after Fred’s but I’ll admit that I was dead on my feet.  I hadn’t slept well at all on Tuesday night after we got to our hotel and saw how much of a fail it was and realized how much I ruined not only mine & Jay’s hotel experience but Jana, Clif & Nick’s as well and then cried myself to sleep over it haha.  As soon as I sat down in front of the fire pit (yes, their hotel has a fire pit, 2 hot tubs and a pool on a 4th floor roof), I knew it wasn’t going to be a late night for me lol.  I don’t have any pictures from that part of the night.  Jana, Jay & I walked back to our Crappy McCrappy hotel and I promptly passed out.

UPDATE: The live podcast with Jay and Jack is today at 1:30pm in the Sails Pavilion!

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