Obligatory 10/10/10 Post

On the topic of 10/10/10 the lovely Jana coincidentally and completely unintentionally sent me a text tonight at 10:10pm, haha.  I thought that was funny.

Anyways, I went home to Long Island this weekend for my cousin Brian’s engagement party and to visit my family in general.  I went to my awesome bridal shop (Alicia is the BEST) today to finalize bridesmaid dresses and colors and pick out a veil and found out that there were a gazillion weddings today on LI.  I had totally forgotten it WAS 10/10/10 until that haha.  I love all the fun dates, too.  I’m off my game lately.  Must be all the role reversal with Jay working so much now and me being the ‘homemaker’ lol.  I even made steak twice for us last week and it wasn’t even burned.  I know, what is this world coming to?

I had a really nice weekend and it was great to get to put on my wedding dress again and reaffirm that I made the right choice!  I ended up going with a lighter purple color for the bridesmaids’ dresses.  I had always wanted a nice, deep purple color but the designer we went with really didn’t have a huge selection of colors and they didn’t have a deep purple, only a light and a medium color and I wasn’t a huge fan of that medium purple.  I think it’ll look really nice and can’t wait for the actual day itself so everyone can see them.

Naturally, I had flight problems getting home.   Southwest was too expensive to fly when I booked my flight so I decided to fly US Airways into MacArthur.  We were delayed leaving Raleigh because of a “maintenance issue” and were kept on board for an hour and 5 minutes before we were cleared for take-off.  Luckily, I still had plenty of time for my connecting flight out of Philadelphia into LI.  Today, I was not so lucky.  I had a 6:21pm flight out of MacArthur into Philly for a connecting to Raleigh.  I got a phone call at 4pm and as soon as I saw it was an 800-number, I knew that it meant I was gonna have a problem.  Sure enough, there was an hour plus delay out of MacArthur and that would’ve caused me to miss my connecting flight.  When I called to get onto another flight, Pam the customer service rep told me that it was because of a “maintenance issue.”  I may have told her that since I had a “maintenance issue” on the way to NY as well, I felt “soooo safe” flying with their airline of broken planes.  I was annoyed, okay?  How many damn planes can I get on that are broken?!  I told her that I had to leave tonight and if she couldn’t get me out of MacArthur, then she had to get me out of LaGuardia or JFK.  She tried to put me on a US Airways flight that got in super late but I said I wanted to be put on any other airline that got in earlier.  I ended up flying Delta out of LGA and got in around the same time that my original flight would’ve gotten in.  Whew.

One final antidote: As I was going through security at Delta, the security guard who was standing by the metal detector yelled at me.  Why did he yell at me?  Because I put my boarding pass in between my lips – and only my lips, I swear – while I took my sweatshirt and sandals off to put on the conveyor belt.  I wasn’t even in line to go through the metal detector yet.  It was so out-of-nowhere!  He just called out, “Hey!  Get that out of your mouth!  You’re not the only person who has to touch that, you know!”  It was so random and definitely a new one.  I wasn’t chewing on it or doing it on purpose.  I just didn’t have enough hands!  SO random.

Anyway, off to bed for this girl.  Happy 10/10/10!

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