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TV Review: Kaleidoscope

This past weekend, Jay and I watched Netflix’s new show Kaleidoscope. It premiered on January 1, 2023, and had been getting some buzz over social media, so we wanted to check out what the fuss was about. At the heart … Continue reading

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I Made the Ted Lasso Biscuits!

I made the Ted Lasso biscuits and they didn’t totally suck! There are a few different recipes out there but I followed this one. All of the recipes call for a lot of butter, which makes sense because it’s really … Continue reading

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The Ted Lasso Loot Crate Box!

Head’s up: This is one of two Ted Lasso-related posts I’ll be posting… About a month ago, Jay sent me a text with a link to a free Loot Crate box full of Ted Lasso-related items. Since we’re big fans, … Continue reading

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TV Shows Galore!

My new job has left me a bit mentally tired at night, and since we had a four-week span where we didn’t record a new episode of The Broadcast, Jay and I have watched a bunch of new television shows … Continue reading

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Bitchard Nixon wants you to watch Girls5Eva

Let me just preface this post with the disclaimer that I suck at writing reviews. I never know how to start them or how to write them in my own voice. So instead, consider what I am about to write … Continue reading

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X-Files is Bae.

omg this poster. I can’t even make a real post without risking bursting into tears about how excited I am. To put it into perspective, it would be like if Lost was brought back for a limited run in 10 years, … Continue reading

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Official X-Files Trailer

YAAASSSSSS! January 2016 cannot come soon enough. Tweet

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I Always Believed

I have been a huge fan of The X-Files since my dad & I first watched it for my 14th birthday on February 8, 1998. I’ll never forget my first X-Files experience. The episode was “Chinga,” written by Stephen King. I was … Continue reading

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House of Cards Season 3

Jay and I finished watching Season 3 of “House of Cards” on Netflix this past weekend. Jay loved it. I had mixed feelings. Let me start with the good: I was enthralled the entire time and kept wanting to see … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad’s Alternative Ending

Presented without any comment other than, how awesomely cool is Bryan Cranston for having enough of a sense of humor to do this? I want more. I miss Breaking Bad!   Related articles Breaking Bad alternative ending leaks onto the … Continue reading

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