Woah it’s July.

Shit, it’s July already?  When on EARTH did that happen?

Damn.  I was on a roll there for a while and then sorta took a mini sabbatical, but I’m back now!  To be honest, I sorta lost my momentum for a few days last week when I had a private pity party for myself over something a coworker said to me (you bet I took it personally because it’s the 2nd time its happened).  I was actually feeling quite bad about myself for a lot longer than that tweet and didn’t want to be all whiny crybaby and turn people off so rather than risk actually writing a blog post about how I was feeling (irony?), I figured I’d just take a little time out until I was feeling better enough to not do the woe is me shit.  I know no one wants to hear me bitch and whine.  We all have our “things” in life that trigger our insecurities and no one gives a crap about what makes me feel all </3 !

So to make a long story short, that encounter last Tuesday had me convinced of all sorts of sad clown type thoughts but I’m feeling better now.  It’s amazing what the prospect of 3 days off from work can do for your mood.

So if I haven’t just turned you off completely, then check back in.  I’ve got lots of posts half-written, lots of things going on, and a few announcements actually.  Happy belated Canada Day to my friends in the north and Happy 4th of July weekend to my American friends.  To everyone else, Happy July!

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