Professional Wedding Pictures Preview

Not only was yesterday mine and Jay’s 4th dating anniversary and our 3 month wedding anniversary, but it was also the day that our fabulously talented wedding photographer Ken Hild gave us our wedding pictures!  He gave 1,035 pictures on a DVD and now we get to decide what to do with them (album, big prints, etc.).  Since I am on Long Island until tomorrow morning, I promised Jay that I wouldn’t do anything with them until he saw them all but I am “allowed” to pick one and post it up on here as a preview.

Ken Hild is absolutely wonderful.  If you are getting married on Long Island, you should definitely consider using him.  That is not even the best picture of the group, but I only showed Jay a handful so far and I promised I’d only post up one that he’s already seen, haha.

Stay tuned for more pictures over the next few days 🙂 It’s going to take forever to go through them and put them on Facebook, here, etc.

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