The Gatfelters Watched Ghostbusters

This week is almost over and I am so glad.  I actually thought that today was Friday until about 10am, when I realized that it wasn’t and I still had another day of work, haha.  I’m so tired and so burnt out.  I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends between work, school, and life in general and I really need a break.  Not a day off that I use to catch up on working out or doing grocery shopping or doing homework or studying.  Not a vacation where we’re constantly on-the-go.  An actual time out from everything.  Just for a day or so.  I’m not at my wit’s end by any means at all, but I’m tired.  C’est la vie, right?  Though, I do feel a cold coming on.  If any of you out there reading this are Jay and Jack TV listeners and heard my loud sneeze in last week’s recording that was two rooms and a closed door away, I gotta admit that I’ve been sneezing like that about 8 times a day for the past two weeks, haha!  It’s so ridiculous and such a dramatic sounding sneeze!  Anyways (ding).   Tonight, Jay and I met up with some of his friends/coworkers to watch Ghostbusters in theaters.  If you don’t know, Ghostbusters is Jay’s favorite movie of all time.  He quotes it in every day life and knows the movie by heart.  It’s kinda adorable, in a dorky kinda way 🙂  Anyway, the movie was released for a limited run this month.  It was actually a really good time.  I’m so glad that we went.  I noticed so many more things on the big screen than I ever did watching it on a TV.  We were all also really glad that they didn’t “Lucas-ify” the movie.  It was all original, baby.

When we got home, we watched last night’s Survivor (oh boy, Ozzy, I’m kinda rootin’ for you but Christine’s a Long Island gal and as much as she bugged me when she was still in the game, I have to give her mad props for lasting this long and I think she’ll be way harder to beat than you think).  Last Friday, Jay & I finally opened up an account at our local credit union so we can begin the process of moving away from Bank of America.  The checks came in the mail today and GUESS WHAT?!  Actually, see for yourself:

This is the most tame out of all of the misspellings that were experienced prior to our wedding, but it’s still funny.  Actually, this time it’s a pain in the ass, because now I have to use up a lunch break to make a trip there to get it fixed.  Oh, well…

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