Hello, 2012

Ah crap.  I’m 12 days behind on my first post of 2012 and I was aiming to blog at least one post a week for the entire yet.  I’ll have to make it up.  I’ve been doing that thing where I work on 5 different posts but never finish them because they require things like uploading pictures, haha.

Anyway, hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve/New Years.  Jay and I ended up having some of his Apple friends come over.  Lots of champagne consumed.  It was a really fun night.  Sometimes the unexpected nights are the most fun ones.

I went home to Long Island on January 1.  I was able attend our family’s annual New Year’s Day brunch, which made me so happy.  New York was so much fun.  Jay arrived on Monday, January 2 and we had dinner with my family and exchanged presents.  On Tuesday, January 3, it happened to be the coldest day of the winter in New York.  20 degrees.  It was in the 40s on Sunday and Monday!  Jay and I headed into New York City, where we walked through Times Square (because I hadn’t seen it since it became pedestrian only), had some real New York pizza and visited the new Apple store in Grand Central Station.  We then walked back to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree, something that no matter how many times I saw it growing up, I still genuinely love going to see.  Along the way, we stopped at the NY Public Library.

We then took the LIRR back to New Hyde Park on LI, where we visited my sister’s apartment then drove back into NYC to the Lower East Side, where Kate, Jeremiah #2, Jay and I had dinner near Jer’s apartment.  Fantastic Italian food.  My mouth waters even writing about it now.  Post-dinner, we met up with Jer’s roommate at their local pub, a place called Baker’s Street.  It was SUCH a fun day.

On Wednesday, we went to the Tanger Outlets with my mom to exchange Christmas presents for the correct sizes!  After that, Jay and I met Uncle Lou & Germania at my all-time favorite restaurant ever, Shiro’s.  Goodness, I miss hibachi nights.  On Thursday, we hung out and had another big dinner with the family.  That night, we met Rob for a beer at John Harvard’s Ale House.  We came back on Friday afternoon.  All in all, it was an incredibly awesome trip and I’m so happy I got to go home to see my family who I miss so much.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow and this whole weekend.  Tomorrow, Friday the 13, is going to be my lucky day!

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