Anniversary Weekend!

I cannot believe that it’s been a year since Jay and I got married.  This weekend is our anniversary weekend.  We got married on April 29, 2011 for anyone who doesn’t want to do the math, haha.  Anyway, we’re not doing anything super fancy to celebrate.  I still have class through May 1, so we couldn’t go away for the week or even a 4 day weekend.  We’re also going to Disney World with Jay’s family in a few weeks (w0ot), so the time off in general is an issue.  We thought about maybe going away for the weekend, but originally, when we were deciding whether or not to do that, I was supposed to have my big final exam on April 30.  I get really nervous before tests and wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to study, so for my own sanity, we opted out of a weekend getaway.  Instead, decided to spend a little bit of extra money at SDCC to stay at a nice hotel, just the two of us, and go back to the nice restaurant in La Jolla, CA where we had our fist date.  I’m pleased with these plans.

Anyway, tonight, we went to dinner at one of our “regular” spots and then opened gifts when we got home.  Tomorrow, we’re going to go to a BBQ/birthday party for our friend Sara.  There will be Kan Jam.  Kan Jam, if you don’t know, is Jay’s new favorite backyard game.  On Sunday, we are going to go kayaking in the morning, then for our weekly walk, and finish up the evening with a trip to Sullivan’s Steakhouse in downtown Raleigh.  We were trying to decide between Sullivan’s and Ruth Chris; we went with Sullivan’s because Ruth Chris is at North Hills and I’m at North Hills every single day and honestly, I wanted to go out on the town, even if it’s just downtown Raleigh on a Sunday night.  Hopping, I know.  Hahahahaha.

I’m excited about the weekend plans, though for anyone who listened to this week’s Jay and Jack TV, you’ll have heard that we’re already a little bit weary about the kayaking company, Paddle Creek.  But that is a story for tomorrow and don’t you worry, I’ve already done that post and set it to go up tomorrow, with audio and all.  There are two things that make me get on my soapbox: Consumer advocacy and anything involving air travel.  Oh, and people being treated fairly by their employers.  That also makes me feel like I have a right to a very loud opinion, lol.

So while I was at work today, Jay cleaned the living room, vacuumed, and bought me flowers.  And the dishes were done.  Talk about awesome.  I forgot for a second that it was the end of April and thought that it was my birthday or something.  No pictures of anniversary gifts right now, but I will leave you with this charming picture of my beautiful flowers.  The yellow is because I love yellow flowers and the light purplish-pink ones are to match the color of my bridesmaids’ dresses last year.  Stay tuned because this pic will be on at some point, but here they are in their unfiltered glory.  <3

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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