status quo.

Since I received a lot of kind words on Twitter this morning after I Tweeted about how nervous I was about getting the results from my grandpa’s CAT scan last week.  The results were going to tell us whether or not the chemo has been working on his new cancer and whether or not it had spread.  Well, the news is that everything is status quo.  It does not look like the chemo worked.  While one of the cancer cells shrank significantly, some of the others grew, and there are a few new ones that have formed that are called “pinheads” because they are very small.  Although this wasn’t the most encouraging news to receive, the very good news is that the cancer is still contained and has not spread further.

It’s not the news we were hoping for, but it’s not the worst news that we could have gotten.  He will get a new type of chemotherapy starting next week and a new treatment plan.  Most importantly, he will keep fighting and we will keep fighting with him.  That’s what my family does.  Gotta keep on keeping on.

Fuck cancer.

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