642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 11

I’m very drained today after getting some bad news yesterday.  I can’t really think very clearly about anything right now and no, I don’t want to talk about it.  I do hope I can do this topic justice.  Sorry if you think it’s a boring subject.  It was actually my runner-up choice for last week’s post.

“What is the sound of silence, and when did you last hear it? What was missing?


I can only remember hearing the sound of silence on one occasion, but I wish I could hear it again.  For me, it was like this glorious state of being that’s totally unattainable after the first experience.  I discovered the sound of silence when my sisters, parents, and I went on a cruise in June 2008.  My sisters and I were sharing an interior room, so there were no windows and barely a crack under the door to the hallway outside.  When we turned the lights off every night, it was pitch black.  It was so black that I don’t think our eyes ever really adjusted to the darkness.  When everyone else fell asleep, it was so quiet in that little interior ship cabin room that it was like the world was completely still.  This may sound strange, but I found it so comforting.  You would think that someone like me, who is constantly thinking and worrying about something, would be having an anxiety attack after 5 minutes alone with my own thoughts in completely silence and darkness, but I felt very relaxed.  My own thoughts were what was missing.  I remember sleeping so solidly each of those nights.  I wish I could recreate that peaceful scenario again, but there’s too many outsides noises, electrical hums and natural creaks in the real world.

Ever experience the sound of silence?  Leave your answers in the comments section.  Thanks! 🙂

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