Earth to Mars Mars to Earth

I shared this picture on Facebook, but it really amazes me so much that I wanted to post it here, too.  This was taken by from Mars by the Curiosity rover.

It’s amazing to think how little we are in actuality when each day, humans constantly feel like we and our problems are the center of the universe, when they are really only the center of our own universe.  This makes me really believe that there’s a higher power out there and that no, we cannot be alone.

I would like to share a very personal anecdote right now.  Although my grandfather’s cancer was successfully removed in May, he was still having a lot of the same discomfort he had been having before the surgery.  He visited the doctor last Friday for some testing to see if they could finally find out what was causing this pain.  It turns out that he’s been having muscle spasms.  The thing is that months ago, this discomfort is what led to the discovery of the cancer.  His doctor thought it was a symptom that would go away once the cancer was gone.  I do not remember muscle spasms ever being mentioned because he did not meet the criteria of the particular lifestyle elements that generally cause them in the place that they are occuring.  If the doctors had had reason to suspect muscle spasms, then they may not have found the cancer as early as they did.  I guess you could say that simple muscle spasms saved my grandfather’s life.  I refuse to believe there is not a higher power out there looking out for us.

Thank you.

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