Once You Go BioSense…

I used to get these headaches right where my head met my neck.  They started sometime in the fall of 2012 and the only way I could alleviate some of the pain was to stick my thumb at the base of my neck and push hard up into that soft spot in my skull.  It was obvious that these headaches were starting from some sort of pressure point in my neck.  When I went back home to Long Island for Christmas, I was waking up with these headaches daily.  I explained the situation to my dad, who would oblige me each morning by pushing on the pressure point to help with the pain.  He suggested that perhaps I should see a chiropractor about realigning whatever wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  I considered this option, but could never bring myself to take time off work to find a chiropractor and “deal” with the issue.  One day in January, I noticed while laying down on my mat in Pilates that I actually had a decent sized, hard(ish) lump in my bottom of my neck.  Although it was in the back of my mind, I was never really worried that it was the bad kind of lump, mainly because it felt more like a knot in your back and it always felt better when I tried to apply pressure to it or rub massage it out.  I began thinking about identifying the source of the pain and made my best guess that it was a muscle issue that had to be happening from the way I held my head while sleeping (since it always started a few minutes after I woke up).

biosense-sidesleeperpillow-2I let this go on another two months until I had finally had enough.  At the end of March, I went to Brookstone and bought a tempurpedic pillow.  Actually, the pillow that I bought was the one that was on display when I first walked into the store.  Since I am a side sleeper, I chose the BioSense Memory Foam Shoulder Pillow.  It was a little bit of an adjustment because the shape is different than I was used to.  I don’t use a pillow case with it and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to or not since it has a case that zippers up around the foam pillow.  It’s now the beginning of May and after a six weeks month of use, I can say that my headaches have pretty much ceased.  I’m so pleased with the BioSense pillow.  Once the pillow “formed” to my head/body, I didn’t even notice that it was different anymore.  It’s so nice to not wake up grimacing anymore.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a legit reason to buy a tempurpedic pillow, my vote is to go for it!  If you’re trying to figure out what brand to use, I would definitely recommend to BioSense Memory Foam Pillows.  Happy Sleeping (and Happy Waking).


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