642 Things to Write About Challenge: Week 24

I was originally going to do a different topic for this week (though I guess at this point, it’s last week’s), but it was too heavy for me to really focus on.  I want to try to move away from some of the sadder posts that the past month has brought for a little bit.  There are a lot of topics in the book that I want to tackle because they deal with death and other such things, but I can’t do it for this this week.  I can’t even look at the front page of my blog because reading about what I’ve written from last week makes my stomach churn and me want to scream.  So instead, here’s one of the fun ones I’ve had on reserve for weeks when writing is more difficult.  I want everyone reading this to contribute at least one answer of your own in the comments section!

Ten euphemisms for sex.

  1. Boink
  2. Hot beef injection
  3. Can I park my car in your garage?
  4. Horizontal Mambo
  5. Having Pop Pop (in the attic, natch)
  6. Laying pipe
  7. Taking the skin boat to Tuna Town
  8. Playing hide the salami
  9. A bit of the ole In-N-Out
  10. Putting the basilisk into the Chamber of Secrets.

Runner Ups:

  1. Push push in the bush
  2. A squeeze and a squirt

Okay, I know I missed a lot of them, so let’s brighten this joint up.  Whadaya all got for me?

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