SDCC ’13: Saturday & Sunday

sandiegocomiccon2013-lostpodcast-jayandjackWe had a fairly lazy morning on Saturday.  The Jay and Jack panel was later that afternoon, so we were trying to keep it pretty chill in the morning: We walked around the Exhibit Hall Floor a little more, got a little Ciné Cafe, etc.  [Side note: Ciné Cafe, as delicious as it is, gets slower and more aggravating every year; it took us over 20 minutes to get two simple sandwiches and we only one person was in line ahead of us.]  The Jay and Jack panel was at 2 p.m., so we met up with Jack at about 1:15-1:30 p.m. and waited outside room 29A for the panel to start.  We finally saw old friends like Jim, Ryan, and Jen.

Their panel, Lost Podcast and Beyond, went really well!  I can’t believe so many people showed up to talk about Lost, haha.  Anyway, there was a nice handful of Lost newbies in attendance, which was nice to see.  A couple of people actually left and told Jana on the way out (she was manning the door) that they were leaving because they were afraid of getting spoiled.  Given that there was a lot of Locke/Jacob/Man In Black talk, I can see why it was in their best interest to leave, haha.  Ryan and Jen Ozawa (from The Transmission) were the special panel guests this year.  It was great to see them again. If you want to see video of the panel, it is on the Jay and Jack TV feeds (both PLUS and free) and on the old Lost Podcast feed.  Check it out if you want!

Here’s video that Jay took of the crowd at the end of the panel, as well as pictures of the panel and of Ryan, Jen, Jay, Jack, and me, after the jump:



Okay, so I totally forgot to mention this earlier and I don’t feel like going back and trying to rework my first paragraph and then rearrange pictures, so I’ll just tell the story here.  When we were walking around the Exhibit Hall on Saturday morning, we walked by the FOX booth, where the cast of The Following was doing an autograph session.  Most of the cast was there, including Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Purefoy was rocking a beard, so he looked different than we’re used to seeing him on TV.  We went back to our hotel really quickly to drop things off before we went to Cine Cafe.  On the elevator ride down, a trio of people got in, having just left the ooohhh-so-exclusive Wired magazine party.  Our hotel room was directly above the pool area, where Wired had taken over, so we could see their parties every day but didn’t have invites to it, so we felt very uncool.  Anyway, three people got in, looked around at us non-important people, scoffed, and had the following conversation:

Girl #1: Oh.

Guy: For once, I’d just like to walk into an elevator at this place and have someone famous be in there waiting.  Like, to walk in and have it be Peter Dinklage or something.

Girl #2: I know!  Where are the famous people?

I am paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it.  Jay, Michael, and I rolled our eyes at them.  We got out of the elevator and they pranced away, passing a bearded man who was standing quietly at the front desk.  Jay, who is always vigilant at Comic-Con, does notice him.  It’s James Purefoy!  Hahaha, those fools walked right passed a famous person they were so desperate to meet!  It was priceless.  Jay went up to him, shook his hand, and told him that he loved his work.  It was pretty neat.  Here’s a picture from The Following cast signing:


Flashing forward to where I left off before, after the Jay and Jack panel, we all hung around and took some pictures.  A bunch of smarter people in our group decided to run over to the Ballroom 6 area to get in line for the Person of Interest panel, which started at 4 p.m.  We wanted to see it, but dragged our feet socializing (hey, we only get to see a lot of our friends once a year!) and by the time we got there, they were already letting in and the line was too long.  We did Plan B: Go to redeem our tickets for panel goodies (aka my Psych t-shirt) and then walk around the floor again.  While walking around the floor, we finally saw Tad Stones (can’t believe I went until Saturday without bumping into him!) and took Jack over to Kris White’s booth to say hello.  Nick and I were checking out the book section (I love the samplers they hand out) when we ended up in line for a book signing, haha.  The book is called “Red Rising” and its author, Pierce Brown, was doing a signing at the Random House/Del Ray booth.  They were giving out free copies, so we figured, “Why not?”.  I’m going to read it and write a review of it soon.

Jay, Jack, Nick, Clif, Michael, and I went back to the Omni to rest our feet for a few minutes before the Kevin Smith panel at 7:15 p.m.  We all got a beer at the Omni bar and decided to head back out around 7:30 p.m. (one of the awesome things about having a hotel room right across the street from Hall H), when we saw one Jimmy Aquino in the our lobby.  It’s a spectacular thing that we stopped to talk to Jimmy because if we hadn’t, then we would’ve missed Evangeline Lily.  I spotted her first, standing in the lobby and almost did a double take.  She actually only caught my eye because even though she was standing there in sweats and slippers, she was gorgeous and stood out to me.  I said to the guys, “Evangeline Lily is standing right behind you.”  They turned to look and Jack said, “You’re right.”  She must’ve seen us looking because she then ducked into a corner by the check-in desk.  We said our goodbyes to Jimmy and walked towards the door.  I kept trying to urge them to go up and say hello to her, but they didn’t want to bug her when she looked like she didn’t want to be approached.  Lucky for them, Nick has that non-creepy Southern charm and isn’t afraid to go up to someone.  While we were debating what Jay and Jack should do, Nick went right up to her while in his Dharma jumpsuit!  He had actually just gone to her book signing and she remembered meeting him earlier that day!  Eventually, Jay and Jack went over to say hello to her and I covertly snapped a picture of it.


We finally got the the Kevin Smith panel around 8 p.m.  Jay and Jack had celebrity meeting #2 outside the Hall H bathroom: Jason Mewes aka Jay of Jay and Silent Bob.  Saturday was a big day for celebrity sightings, lol.  I only stayed in the panel until about 8:45 p.m. because I went back to the Omni to meet the lovely Kim at 9 p.m. for a dirty martini and some catching up.  Kim had a party to head off to after our drink, but it was just in time for the rest of the gang to arrive: Mike, Renee, and Jessica got there first and we all had a fun little George R.R. Martin sighting in the Omni lobby.  By that time, Kevin Smith had let out and Jay and crew joined us.  Chip, Sara, and Jana came by a little later and we all hung up in the Omni lobby with some drinks and did a lot of people watching.  The Omni was hopping: in addition to GRRM, Matthew Lillard and Zachary Levi also made appearances that evening.  That was a great night.  I LOVE that we kept it low key like that and still had a blast.  I know a bunch of them went to Nerd HQ around 12:30 a.m. and met Steven Moffat, but I had hit a wall at about midnight and was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open.  Yup, I’ve definitely gotten old.  Kolkie would have been ashamed of me if he was there this year.

On Sunday, we did one last sweep of the Exhibit Hall floor and said our goodbyes.  I was flying out of LAX, so Clif generously agreed to drive me to the airport that afternoon.  Jay, Clif, and I left Downtown San Diego and went to lunch at Aunt Tammy and Uncle Jerry’s house.  It was really nice to get to see Jay’s family again this year, even if I only had about an hour to hang out.  After fighting through the crappy California traffic, Clif and I were about 30 minutes from LAX when I got a notification that my flight had been pushed back from 10 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.  I suddenly had a lot of free time, so Clif gave me the tour of his new neighborhood (Culver City – he’s within walking distance from Sony Studios, which looked gorgeous from the outside) and showed me his new apartment.  We grabbed a beer and some food at this awesome pub called Public School.  I loved that everything, from the menu to the decor, was school themed.  The walls looked like bleachers that had weren’t rolled out, there was chemistry equip and a periodic table above the bar, the hostess station was decorated with apples, etc.


After dinner, Clif dropped me off at the crazy insane mad house shit show that is LAX.  I changed into comfy clothes, boarded my red eye flight, and set off for North Carolina.  Another successful SDCC in the books.  And to really finish the entire trip, I awake to a beautiful sunrise as we were landing on Monday morning.  Both of these pictures are unaltered and were taken probably a minute apart.  It’s incredibly how different the sun looks from slightly different angles.  And with these images, I bid you adieu.



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