38 Weeks

Well, not much to update this week. Had my 38 week appointment this morning, but there was no change. Still have a soft cervix, still not dilated. I know the cervix checks mean absolutely nothing, but when you’re waiting impatiently, it just sucks to not know what’s going on. I feel like every week, I get my hopes up and ask, “Are we there yet?” and the doc always responds with “5 more minutes.”

I know, I know. I’m not even at 40 weeks yet! He isn’t ready; he isn’t done cooking yet; he’ll come when he’s supposed to. Got it. I just want to meet my son already! 😛 It was a little disappointing to hear the doctor mention planning for an induction between 7-13 days past my due date (June 14). The thought that I could be pregnant until June 27 (though very unlikely) makes me want to cry, haha. I keep thinking ahead to the amazingly awesome wonderful ice cold beer I’m totally having on the 4th of July. Happy thoughts!

There were a few new experiences this past week, though:

  • I started feeling a lot of pressure down in my lower back, like I have to either pass gas or go #2, but I won’t have to do either. My stomach has gotten much bigger the past week and “they” say when the baby drops, your stomach will look smaller. I can only conclude that the pressure and aching is because he does have his head down there already and the stomach growth means he’s had a big growth spurt over the past week.
  • I have felt two little hands pounding me in my lower back. Not my stomach, my back. Craziness.
  • Kid doesn’t react much to caffeine, but sugar? Forget it. I had to stop my nightly ice cream indulgence because he was going NUTS after I’d eat it, thanks to the combination of the cold and sugar. He barely moved on Thursday and we think it was because he literally wore himself out from a sugar high on Wednesday night!
  • Baby G or my uterus must’ve been crushing a nerve yesterday evening (Sunday, June 1) because I went to stand up and found I had an intense discomfort on my upper right leg and could barely lift my leg at all to walk. It was crazy! I rolled around on an exercise ball to try to move him, walked around as much as I could to try to “shake it off” and took a hot shower. The ball and walking alleviated it, but the shower made it worse. Jay had to help me lift my leg up to put my pajama shorts on because I couldn’t do it myself, lol. Luckily, most of it was gone when I woke up this morning. I have 3 events at work this week, so only being fully mobile on one side of my body would have been a pain in the ass. It would’ve been interesting trying to hide it from everyone. I don’t like special pregnancy attention/treatment, especially at work. Don’t need anyone thinking I’m being a drama queen.
  • We got our car seats set up and checked/approved by the hospital. Yay.
  • We have almost everything we need to finish the nursery now. The only thing left is a mirror above the dresser, but we haven’t found anything we like yet. When everything is set up, I’ll do a post.

That’s really pretty much it. Cooling it with the extra sugar, trying to keep the kid off a nerve, and always feeling like I have to take a bathroom break. 38 weeks is SO glamorous. 😉

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