Bachelorette Care Package


While I’m still in “wedding” wrap-up mode, I thought I would share the little goody bags that I made for my sister’s bachelorette party back in September. We spent a day doing a wine tour and visited several vineyards, so that’s what I was focusing the stuff inside around.

I got the burlap bags, tags, and silver Sharpies from Target. Don’t quote me on this exactly but I think the bags were $5 for a 4-pack and the tags were something like $2 for 10 of them. Here’s what was in the final kits:


Bachelorette Party Kits:

I got the little packs of Advil from work (shhh) and already had the bath salts (bought at Marshalls or TJ Maxx) from another present I had made for Christmas (oh, that post is coming…). Everything else, I ordered from Amazon. You can actually also order those little Advil packets from Amazon if you wanted to. I printed off the labels for everything too. They didn’t photograph that well, but I swear they looked way better in person. I also bought little Fiji water bottles and gave them out with each goodie bag.

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