Soooo who’s havin’ a Halloween party?

I just finished day 6 out of an 8 day work stretch. I know there are a lot worse jobs out there, but I’m just so sick & tired of being there and not having a real job that I’m just, “Aaaaahhhh!!” I’m going up to Marist again this weekend to see And Then There Were None, MCCTA’s first show this season. But I’m only going for the night, since I’m gonna have to work again all week & I REALLY want to sit at home, even if it’s for half a day.Here’s the part where I get a little tiny bit annoyingly reflective: I realized what’s so unnerving about being home. There’s a whole other life/world that’s still going on at Marist & I’m not a part of it anymore. It seems like the world’s at that summertime standstill, when you take a time out from everything & then life resumes again in Sept, right where you left off. Because I don’t have a real job yet (trust me, I’ve been looking), all I’m doing is working like crazy at Ann Taylor, but it doesn’t seem like the world is moving. Yet it’s going so quickly for seemingly everyone else, especially those at Marist. It’s weird to go back or to just know that there’s still classes, board meetings, rehearsals, papers, production meetings, etc. all happening & I’M NOT A PART OF IT. It’s just…unnerving because I’m used to being involved & a part of everything. It’s a step backwards, really; I’m stuck in Ridge & feel trapped, especially cause my friends from home are busy working (Ian) or living in NYC (Golio, Claudio, Frankie, Bobby) or Hartford (Brian). I still talk to them & Golio’s out most weekends; I see Amanda, Matero & Julia a lot too, so it’s not so terrible, but I miss everyone & the community I built there a lot. I still talk to Randy, Sarah, Phil, Amanda G, Eddie & Anthony a lot & keep in touch with Angrisani (who’s so awesome he got us, Eddie Storey & Sabella season tickets to the Yankees next year!), Rachel, Annie, Steph, Crissy, Risa, Sabella, Josh-i mean-G-Force, etc. so I’m lucky. I miss everyone else though that I haven’t talked to or seen in a while.

Onto the most important thing. Someone throw a Halloween party! I got invited to some party in Mt. Sinai or Miller Place or somewhere in that vicinity by some people from work, but let’s face it – Eddie & I need to try to one-up last year’s costume. I realize that NOTHING will EVER be as amazing as our turn as Britney & K-Fed but I love Halloween. I’d have one if I weren’t on LI, since no one would actually be able to come, haha. So now I’m basically commanding someone to throw a Halloween party! K, thanks! 🙂

Last Wed, there was a staged reading of Softly Sara Falls, the play that I produced for ETG junior year. It’s an original, unpublished script & MCCTA’s production of it was its world-premiere. It’s an awesome, amazing play. Heather Liebal (who played Sara & totally deserved to win the Best Actress award at Banquet) found out about it & organized for all of us involved to go. Everyone came but Randy (busy being a Jersey redneck), Jeff (real job in RI), Natalie & Joey (night classes). It was SO cool. Here’s a picture of some of us waiting for it to start:

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