Happy Birthday to Me


For as much as I love parties and the excuse to throw one, I have never been big about celebrating my birthday. It’s not that I don’t want to have a birthday or get older or whatever; it’s just that it’s 5 weeks after the holidays end, and until my 26th birthday, I celebrated in the cold New York winter, which is my least socially-motivating time of the year, haha. That, and it’s right before Valentine’s Day, so it’s generally a combo birthday/Valentines Day celebration.

These past two years have been a bit quiet on the birthday front. Last year, we were about to move, so the joke was that I “got a house for my birthday.” [Note: I love my house and want to live here for forever, so really, it was sort of the perfect birthday present from the universe. You can hear the crazy story about how we got this house at the beginning of this episode of The Broadcast; direct download here.] And, of course, this year, Jay was diagnosed with Flu type A and I was in very early labor.

I was a little bit bummed to not do anything for my birthday this year. Jay to the rescue! On Friday, February 23, we had make-up birthday day, where Jay & Zach threw me a birthday just as though it were my actual day. And it was pretty much the best birthday I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever.

It started when I woke up to balloons and decorations. They went all out, with the giant rose gold 34 balloons and rainbow decorations. Zach picked out some of the balloons and rainbow theme himself. 🙂 I LOVED IT.

After work/school, Jay made me a taco dinner. Yayyy. I think Jay makes the best tacos, better than any restaurant. We had party hats and noisemakers and everything. Have I mentioned how much I FREAKING LOVED IT?! They also bought me an ice cream cake for dessert!!! It was half mint chip for me, half strawberry for Zach. I was sad when we finished it because it was awesome. Good thing Jay’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks…

After dinner and cake, we did cards and presents. I got a bullet journal and Pure Barre gift card, which was exactly what I wanted. Once Zach went to sleep, Jay and I watched a movie that I’d wanted to see for a while, Atomic Blonde. It was kinda meh, but that’s okay. I’m glad I finally saw it.

All in all, it was pretty much the best birthday ever. Thank you, Jay and Zachy for making it so special. I love my boys. I’m a lucky gal.

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