Call Me Mac-Allister Now!

This is why I’m so excited about my new, beautiful Macbook, which arrived on Wednesday. Observe my Dell, duct tape/ external webcam/speakers/mic and all next to my pretty new computer. Excuse the doofus who insisted on being a part of the pictures via Skype video.

Bigger is not better.

Observe the external speakers, the duct tape, the ghetto web cam & external headset set up.
P.S. That’s my dog Strider in his Halloween costume as the background!

The next set of pictures exhibit the duct tape, just because it seems that people think I’m being melodramatic when I say my laptop was held together with duct tape:

Band-aid from Jay’s dad, Jack.

Isn’t she lovely? I think I should name my new Macbook. Any suggestions?

Bless your heart if you made it down this far. Now that the computer issue is taken care of, I have to go to Verizon early tomorrow to get my phone fixed. It stopped charging. I bought a new one and it still doesn’t pick up that the charger is plugged in. Boooo. I hope I don’t lose all of my pictures and favorite texts. That would be sad…

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