A Geocache Adventure with Dad & Zach!

So, I’ve wanted to find a certain geocache in Raleigh pretty much since I started geocaching back in February, hahaha. When I lived in my old apartment, one of my walking/running routes went over a bridge that has a quarry on one side and Crabtree Creek on the other side. I have passed this area for years and always wondered what was down there on the non-quarry side. I’ve considered checking it out before but my view was always from like 100 feet up while on top of the bridge, so it was always a “pass!” kinda thing.

Then, I started geocaching and I started looking at any caches that were hidden in areas that I was familiar with. I noticed that this one was hidden along Crabtree Creek, less than a quarter of a mile from the road. All of the logs from previous finders mentioned a breathtaking waterfall. Obviously, I had to see it for myself. However, I didn’t feel safe going alone (unknown terrain, snakes, the 0.2% chance that I could get kidnapped in the woods, etc.) so I had to wait until the time was right.

My dad came to town on Sunday. He, Zach and I have geocached together on Long Island, but never in Raleigh. He’s an avid hiker and mountain climber, so he was down for the adventure.

And adventure it was!

We had such a blast hiking to the area where it was hidden (once we got Zach to stop freaking out about potential snakes in the higher grass areas lol), the search itself, and finally making the find. We got “lucky” in that Raleigh hasn’t had a lot of rain lately, so the water levels were really low and that helped our search a bit. We decided to give up after about 35-45 minutes. Just as we had resigned ourselves to come back another day, something caught my eye and we found it! Yay! 

The waterfall lived up to the hype and my dad & I plan on going back to check it out after we’ve had more rain to see it in full action. This experience was a joy from start to finish. We took the more woodsy way out and Zachary found a spot that he wants to possibly hide his ammo can from Fall Fling 2019 in. I can’t believe this cache has gone unfound since Nov. 2014. It really is in such a great spot. I also can’t believe that it’s one of the few undisturbed spots in the area. What an adventure.

We celebrated with beer and burgers at Lynwood Grill afterward. It was a really fun afternoon with my dad and my son. 🙂

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