Be A Good Kitty.

Zoe Helen Glatfelter passed away peacefully in her mommy’s arms on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 as her daddy rubbed her head in the way that she always loved being pet. She was born in July 2008 in her paternal family’s backyard to the cat that Jay & Jack listeners affectionately knew as “Mommy Kitty.” In May 2009, her daddy brought her home to his apartment, and a family of three was formed.

Princess Zoe

She was a great kitty.

Zoe was playful and patient. She let her mommy dress her up in silly costumes and only complained a little bit. She was smart; she knew she only had to pose for the picture. She was a really good sport. Zoe put up with a lot of costumes over the years and her mommy is so grateful for it. She was buried with her princess hat.

Whenever her mommy left the house, she’d call out, “Goodbye Zoe, be a good kitty!” She was always a good kitty.

Baby Alex chasing Zoe.

Over the years, her family grew into a family of five. She was so shook by her brother Zachary’s arrival that she refused to come out of her parents’ bedroom or acknowledge his existence for weeks. Soon, they were getting along while respecting each other’s boundaries. When her brother Alex arrived, it was a game-changer. Alex loved Zoe and would crawl around the house looking for her. Once, she hid underneath the Pack ‘n’ Play to get some peace and quiet. This past Christmas, she hid in the Christmas tree. But she loved Alex back and would purr as he loved all over her. She was weak but perked up a little bit when her brothers arrived to say goodbye to her. She loved them and they loved her.

Saying goodbye

Daddy & Zoe napping on Mommy.

Zoe loved being around people. She was a lap kitty and would jump right on up there, whether you were ready for her to do so or not. We called her our puppy cat because she acted more like a dog than your stereotypical cat sometimes. She loved playing with the laser pointer and Nerf gun bullets and sitting on the power box of a laptop charger. She never minded guests and would greet anyone who came into the house, hoping for a head or chin rub. A guard cat, she was not.

Comforting Mommy after hernia surgery.

Zoe provided comfort through some really terrible times. She showed affection by nuzzling her head against your body, which her mommy always thought was her version of giving kisses. Zoe loved it when her mommy did the same back to her. She would purr so loudly. Her mommy nuzzled her head in her final moments yesterday and hopes it gave her comfort.



She loved sitting in boxes and suitcases. Whenever the suitcase came out, she knew what that meant. She didn’t like when her family left for more than a day and would meow loudly at them when they got home.

Zoe was mischievous. If you left a cup of water out on the table or counter, she would jump up and try to sneak a sip out of it. It will take a while to break the habit of covering or moving water glasses against the toaster oven (the only spot safe). When her family left town for more than a day, her mommy would fill giant water glasses for her and leave them around the house to make sure she drank.

Napping with Mommy & Zachy

Zoe was affectionally nicknamed Zobo Cat, and yes, she had her own theme song.

Zoe loved sitting on her cat tower in her parents’ bedroom and looking out the window. She loved sleeping curled up in the sun against the living room windows. She jumped up on the couch and curled up for pets and snuggles with her parents at nighttime. Her daddy would give her her favorite head rub and she would purr loudly. She would jump up on the bed and sleep snuggled against her mommy all night long. Her mommy would sometimes wake up with Zach, Alex, and Zoe sleeping on her, each vying for their own spot and she’d have to take a minute to figure out who was where and keep Zoe from getting squished.

Nuzzling Mommy

Although Zoe struggled to jump up on furniture over the past few weeks, she somehow managed to get onto the bed on Tuesday night and her mommy was surprised to find her curled up, snuggled against her on Wednesday morning. It brings her peace knowing she got one last sleep with Zoe and she is eternally grateful for that memory.

Zoe’s family loved her and she loved her family. She will be missed.

Goodbye, Zoe. Be a good kitty.

National Pet Day 2021

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